Wheelchair or Walker Tote Tutorial

In addition to the veteran quilts, our monthly sew-in group will be making lap quilts and wheelchair totes for a local nursing home. You can see the ones Ann recently made here.

Wheel Chair Tote

The totes are designed to be tied to the inside of the arm to sit along the side of the person. Note, the one above is a little large. I wrote the pattern and didn’t follow my own directions, I don’t know what happened. Can we just say I was having a senior moment?

I have written basic instructions with a few pictures below.

• Outside: 2 -13” x 8” pieces of fabric (solid piece or pieced)
• Lining: 2 – 13” x 8” pieces of fabric(muslin)
• Ties: 4 12” grosgrain ribbon, bias tape or tube ties

Supplies shown are for multiple bags:


I used a left over block for mine, as I keep a bin of extra or samples blocks:

Extra Blocks

• With right sides together sew seams along each side and across the bottom on the outside fabric
• Repeat with lining but with a 3 inch opening along the bottom edge
• Create a box bottom 1 ½ inches in from each corner by marking and sewing as shown below
• On your outside fabric, fold at the bottom corner, matching your bottom and side seams to create a corner triangle:

Mark at 1.5 inches

•Sew on your marked line
• Do this on the other side

Ann also had a good idea for making a template for this triangle mark. Perfect since we will be making many of these:
•Repeat for the lining
• Trim off triangle edge from each piece

Corner Box Trimmed

  • Pin or baste two ties in about 2 inches in from the side edge, on the backside of your tote
  • With right sides together, place the outside of your tote into the lining. Your ties will disappear between your lining and outside fabric:

Adding ties

  • Fold your bottom lining open seam to the inside and match. Sew shut close to the edge
  • Stitch ½ inch seam along the top edge:

Sewing lining to bag

  • Pull your tote to right sides out through the unsewn bottom section of your lining fabric.

Sewing lining opening shut

  • Stitch along the top edge of your tote to finish the top

Here is Ann with one of her totes.

May Sew in

I have a hunch that Ann will be making more this Friday. 🙂

Keeping it real, on the journey, Jackie