Week In Review, June 7, 2015

The week flew by. Gone. Just like that. With little sewing. Sigh.

I quickly finished quilting this….

30's on the long arm

So I could get this on the long arm to meet a deadline.

Jean's Nursery Quilt

We had time with Grace and Noah. Making their own pizzas is a favorite request:

Grace and Noah making Pizza

They also did some sewing but Noah told me not to put the pictures on my blog until they had a chance to show them to Mom and Dad. No spoilers here Noah if Mom or Dad show you this post.

Grace and Noah

I won Jaye from Artquiltmaker’s 10th blogiversary so this fun arrived in the mail:

Jaye's Blogiversary gift

I’m hoping for some serious sewing this coming week. How about you?

On the journey, Jackie