English Paper Piecing

I presented a mini-demo at my local quilt guild last week on English Paper Piecing. There were 3 ten-minute demo’s going on at a time, where everyone rotated through the 3 different types of paper-piecing.

Hexagon Samples

Given the time would be short I prepared a hand-out and sample. The hand-out had simple steps on the front with helpful links and a place for note taking on the back.

Hexagon Sample with instruction

I prepared a basted hexie for each student, and provided a fabric square, paper template and a threaded needle. That way they would learn how to baste and be prepared to learn how to join 2 hexies together.

Hexagon teaching samples

I prepared a board with written instructions and samples for those that are visual learners.

.Hexagon Tutorial Board

I was able to fit all my hand-outs, supplies and samples in this small bin.  A great portable project.

Hexagon Sample bins

Once I set-up the bin sat nicely inside here, out-of-the-way but easily assessable.

Hexagon Display storage

Our time was short but I think most managed to baste a hexie and get started on joining the next piece.

I am almost done piecing this doll quilt and left the last few pieces to show a quilt in process. Now it’s time for me to finish it.

Doll Hexagon

Are there any hexagon quilts in your life?

Encouraging new skills, on the journey, Jackie

  • Jaye

    Fantastic prep! You are my kind of teacher.

    • Jackie

      Thanks Jaye,

      I knew I had (wanted to) to cover a lot in a short period of time and really wanted to speak to all types of learners.

  • Kitty Pearl

    LUV your board with all the different size hexies – what a great idea!

    • Jackie

      Thanks. I find it amazing how small they can get. Insanely small.

  • Diane Rincon

    I’m impressed by how organized you were, but not surprised. As a student, my favorite classes are those whose teacher is prepared, and organized with many visual aids.

    • Jackie

      Thanks Diane,

      I wonder if it’s because school was a struggle for me. I didn’t feel like I was “getting” it and was bored. I think it’s important to speak to all types of learners when possible.

      I’ve heard there are several that want to give it a try after the mini class. Success!

  • Gretchen Firestone

    Great lesson! I keep thinking I should want to paper piece because I like hand piecing so much.

    • Jackie

      Gretchen, have you tried paper piecing and discovered you didn’t like it?

      • Gretchen Firestone

        Yep. The whole paper thing drove me nuts. But I’m thinking I may try the Inklingo version which is really just piecing. We know I like hand piecing.

        • Jackie

          I’m thinking of trying the Inklingo as well. Only drawback for me is I use scraps so no running it through the printer.

          • Gretchen Firestone

            It seems to me that should be possible since you iron the fabric to freezer paper first. If you knew about where the Inklingo would print on the page, you would know where to separate put the fabrics on the freezer paper to print. You’d need to have like colors on the same sheet so it printed in the appropriate color, but I think it could still be doable and worth it.

          • Jackie

            I would probably cut out and mark. I’ve done that in previous quilts that were scrappy and I didn’t have the paper hexagons. Tedious. But then I’m known for doing tedious.