Double Wedding Ring Quilt

Happy Anniversary Tom and Wendy.

Tom and Wendy Resized

This quilt was a combination of what the two of them wanted. Wendy wanted the double wedding ring and flowers. Tom wanted geometric and ordered. I was able to get a good mix of the colors they wanted.


Tom and Wendy Close up Resized

This was early early in my learning to free motion quilt on my domestic.

It hangs in their living room.

Happy Anniversary, can you believe that it has been 8 years?

Love you two.


  • Sandi Colwell

    Beautiful quilt and a nice compromise!

    • Jackie

      Thanks Sandi, I find it a fun challenge to meld ideas together.

  • Kati R.

    Such a great idea Jackie, and what a way of not having to make the whole quilt with rings! It’s beautiful!

    • Jackie

      Thanks Kati. Did one for my daughter so it’s not so bad, but this was a perfect blend of what my son and daughter-in-law wanted.