Another Veteran Moda Mini Quilt

This is the week of veteran quilt finishes.

This is the second one I’ve done using the same pattern and fabrics.

Mini Charm Veteran Quilt  4:

Here is the first one, certainly taking the pictures outside makes a difference in the coloring. This one is for sale in my Etsy shop.

Veteran Quilt Mini Charms

I like the quilting better in the first one and I used a blue thread in the second one to match the backing fabric. Mistake. It doesn’t look so bad here.

Mini Charm Veteran Quilt 2

However, finished it is way too busy.

Mini Charm Veteran Quilt 3

I am sure it will be well-loved.

Learning on the journey, Jackie


  • Kirsty@Bonjour

    I really love those quilted stars, viewed as a whole I didn’t find your picture too busy at all. Great job!

    • Jackie

      Thank you Kristy for stopping by. When I step back from the quilt, it grows on you. I think I am used to the quilting disappearing into the background.

  • Kitty Pearl

    I like the blue thread. Because it is such an unusual star, I think the blue accent is a good idea. Reminds me of “Spirograph” drawing toy, great modern star!

  • Jasmine Creates

    I really like the combo of straight and curved quilting. Beautiful quilts.

  • val

    It reminds me of a spirograph too!!! Your quilting is beautiful Jackie. (I know what ya mean about thread color sometimes….but like you said it will be loved. ANnnnddd it looks great!)