Donation Sew-in January 2015

There were 4 of us last Friday. These two were the most productive:

Noah, was enjoying the warmth of the fabric from the iron. Noah's Veteran Quilt 2Grace was pouting (her words, not mine). Her mantra for the evening was, “this foot pedal doesn’t like me, it keeps running away.”  Common problem Grace.
Grace's Veteran Quilt

They spent the night and the next morning worked to finish piecing their first quilt tops.
Noah's Veteran QuiltGrace's Veteran Quilt 2So are you wondering what the other 2 worked on? Mary brought a new toy tool for me to try so I was a little distracted…..  and while it is not fabric related, it is related to a direction I will be exploring but more on this later. Embossed CardsIn the meantime, I’ll plan a sewing date with Grace and Noah and put both of these on the long arm for them to play. Grace and Noah's Quilt Tops Thanks Noah and Grace for your sewing and Mary for your sharing.

Smiling on the Journey, Jackie

  • val

    Their smiles say it all!!

  • Jaye

    I am so thrilled that your grands are helping you to make quilts for donation.Thanks for teaching them the value!

    • Jackie

      Thanks Jaye. I’m thrilled they want to as well. Noah especially has a tender heart.

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