Christmas Sewing with Caiden

This past week was spent with my daughter, her husband, their 4 precious boys and Rizzo. The house is quiet, train set is put away, toys and beds cleaned and I can see my sewing room again. While the visible evidence is gone, I am still looking at my feet before I move my chair, thinking Rizzo may be at my feet.

I think I said this last year, but I had no intention of sewing with the boys. Our days are always full, but when a little one comes to you and says, “Grandma can I sew something?” what’s a grandma to do?

These doggies are favorites with the younger ones and they have wanted leases for them for quite some time. Caiden (6) made a couple so all 3 would have a lease.DoggiesCaiden with DoggieCaiden got a “stuffy” for Christmas and wanted to make a quilt for him. Here he is testing out fabrics on him.Trying out the quilt on stuffyShowing me how far he wants the quilt to cover.Measuring for StuffyPinning. When I have little ones pin, I put stabilizing pins and leave space for them to pin in-between. Caiden was very good and needed no assistance. PinningNo pictures at the sewing machine, but here he is with his finished quilt. Finished

He wanted to make a “tickly” blanket (a ribbon blanket) but we didn’t have time. He has left me in charge to make one. Yellow, with a blue star in the middle and all the ribbons around the edges. Wish he didn’t live so far away, we’d have more time together.

Love you Caiden. Make sure your stuffy stays warm with his new quilt.  Grandma