Week in Review, October 26, 2014

This week was spent getting ready for our camping trip and here is a picture of the projects I gathered to work on while away:

Camping DrawerThe bins are stacked several deep. Remember I have ADHD so several projects is a must. No critical projects, just for play so there are no time stressors in the piles.

What is missing is this fabric for along with some coordinating fabrics. I have searched high and low for it. What’s doubly frustrating is I had left it out so I could pack it. This is for placemats for my son and I thought maybe if I was in a planning mood, it would be good to bring along.

Wine Fabric

I also prepared for our yearly work craft fair, which I said I would not do this year. This is me “not doing” it. 🙂Craft Fair 2014

I did manage to finally finish this up. This is the project I’ve been working on for months. At the last-minute I put it in our work craft fair (above) and it was one of the first things I sold!

Winter Embroidery Mini A commissioned project. The colors are off in this picture so the embroidery doesn’t show up correctly. Katelyn Reilly BagsSo this was me, not doing much. On the Journey, Jackie

P.S. If anyone finds my missing fabric, please let me know.

  • Carol McD

    oh! the winter embroidery is wonderful! I do the same when I go away on vacation – the first thing I do is pack what to bring to sew and methodically plan what I’ll need. I simply can not relax without something in my hands to sew or even knit.

    • Jackie


      Thanks for stopping by. I am thankful I have a huband that will accept all the extra “stuff” I bring along to keep me busy.

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