Fabric Choices and Color Matter

Even to a young child.

This week I have had these two cuties:

Noah, 6

Noah PinningAnd Grace, 4.Grace Sewing StripsDinner, homework, talking to mom and dad took up most of the evening leaving little time for sewing (which they kept asking to do) before it was time to shower, brush teeth, get into pj’s and say prayers. 

We did spend time choosing fabric and colors. Even to little ones, these decisions matter.

Grace picking fabric for her strip quilt and Grace Picking Fabricsorting out the squares for her next quilt (is she a quilter or what, already planning her next quilt!). Look at the concentration on her face. Grace Picking Fabric 2Noah wanted to make more pillowcases for the Million Pillowcase challenge and saw dinosaur fabric on my shelf. He certainly had an opinion regarding the cuff and trim fabric and he enjoyed pulling them from my shelf. We pulled several fabrics and laid them out to see what worked the best.

Choosing the cuff fabric. He picked out the fabric on the right first and then decided the green on the left would work better.

Choosing Pillowcase CuffNext up, the trim fabric:

He wanted green, but then decided it was too much green.Pillowcase Trim too much green

Brown, too dark:Pillowcase Trim too DarkNext, a lighter brown, he liked it, but he decided he didn’t want brown:Pillowcase Trim OkayNext up yellow, which he really liked:
Pillowcase Trim I like that better

Then finally a muted orange, which he really liked:Pillowcase Trim This oneDo you see how it matches the orange in the dinosaur fabric? He noticed.

My job, trim the strips so they can be matched (trust me it matters, and sometimes those decision take a while to make) and prepare the pillowcase fabric for cutting.

Also did you know there is no such thing as boy colors and girl colors? According to Noah you can like what ever color you want. So there you have it! The authority of a 6-year old.

So do you think there is such a thing as a boy or girl color?

Enjoying the wisdom of young ones on the Journey, Jackie