Sewing With Children, Janie’s First Quilt

Janie, started her quilt a few weeks ago and we left off with her playing with the design wall here. This past weekend she came to finish up.

Choosing her back fabrics. Choices were the pink, green purple or blue:01-DSCN8021Cutting, there was quite the discussion regarding wearing a glove. She remembered that the “fine” for forgetting to put on a glove when cutting is a quarter. Naturally she asked if I pay myself a quarter as she noticed I didn’t wear it when cutting.02-DSCN8022

A modern quilter choice, a pieced back. She was trying not to smile. Her eyes smile so it gives her away. 🙂04-DSCN8032Stitching the edges:
06-DSCN8034 I love to see tiny hands sewing. 07-DSCN8036And a finish:08-DSCN8041She may quilt in the center at a later date at her Grandma’s.

Super job Janie! I’m sure your doll will love it.

Enjoying the young ones on the Journey, Jackie

  • Sandi Colwell

    Fantastic quilt, Janie!! I love those colors and it’s exciting to see someone young interested in our craft! Way to go!!

    • Jackie

      I agree Sandi, she did a great job. She also admired several of the quilts in my studio and asked all kinds of questions. There seems to be a quilter in the making there.

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