Veteran Quilt Sew In May 2014

Ann joined me to sew for our We Honor Veteran project.

While she was working on strip piecing this,

1-DSCN6994I started organizing while I was rummaging through piles of scraps looking for strips suitable for what Ann was piecing. I got carried away. Big time. Into Saturday.

The mess (no pictures) was in piles on the floor and table and ironing board.

It is now neatly organized into yard bundles:

2-DSCN6996Semi decent sized bundles:3-DSCN7000 2.5 inch strips and squares:5-DSCN7007

3/5 inch, 4.5 and 6.5 inch squares:4-DSCN7005

Strips:1-DSCN7002And scraps:

6-DSCN7006Now I am ready for anyone that comes wanting to start a new project.

Now if I could only get the rest of my fabric under control.

Semi-organized on the Journey. Jackie