Spring Postcard Exchange

Yesterday the postman brought a spring surprise for me.


Thank you Carole for the very pretty postcard. I love how she combined the use of fabric paint, thread and fabric to make the flowers.

This came about because Sandi over at Quilt Cabana Corner hosted a spring postcard exchange.

For my postcard to Carole I used this Pinterest quilt block for inspiration. When I first saw it, the pictures was yelling, “pick me, pick me!” so it has become the basis of my postcard.

As the idea simmered in my head, other things were added to the possibilities. 1-DSCN5777 2-DSCN5732

The space of a postcard really made my original idea too difficult so I opted for a simpler version.2-DSCN57674-DSCN5909

I have to admit, I like the quilt much better than my postcard, but it was a learning experience. I just might have to try it again.

There is talk of a summer postcard swap and the ideas have already niggled their way into my brain.

I’m happy spring is here on the Journey, Jackie

  • Kati R.

    Your postcard looks so cute, Jackie! And the quilt is totally beautiful, I love the idea of opposite values, and than color in the middle.