Pillowcases, Part One

I started pillowcases with two of my grandchildren this past week. This is not the first sewing project or pillowcase they have made. Grace, now 4 made this for her bed last summer. Noah, age 5, turned his into a sleeping bag for his bear. The pillowcases they are working on now are for the 1 Million Pillowcase Challenge by American Patchwork and Quilting. I had prepared “kits” ahead of time for them to choose from. 2-DSCN5986While I was getting the sewing machines set up, I started the Missouri Star Tutorial as a refresher for me. I didn’t expect this:1-DSCN6017Each time they sew with me, I work to have them do more of it on their own. Pinning: For Noah I put pins every so often and told him to pin in between mine. He did with great care. 01-DSCN6024 12-DSCN6023Grace, just went to town and pinned up a storm.02-DSCN6029 I pinned at this step as I knew it would be easier for them to pin at this point and then help me once it was rolled. Rolling:04-DSCN6033 03-DSCN6032Sewing: I let them both sew on their own this time, with me working between the two of them: They both know and are very careful about removing the pins before they get to the needle. 05-DSCN6035 06-DSCN6038Turning the pillowcase right sides out from the tube: www. 09-DSCN6057Getting ready for the next step:08-DSCN6049 10-DSCN6059At this point, Grandma was tired, and I always try to stop before they get tired. I would rather they want to do more, than get to the point where they’ve had enough. They really loved the tutorial and Noah would go back to watch it to see what the next step would be. Having fun on the Journey, Jackie