Daisy’s in Spring

These blocks finished 18 x 18. Hand embroidered and quilted by someone and given to me to assemble into a quilt. I would say that the person who made it (unknown) was an excellent embroider though not necessarily a quilter. Her quilting motifs went almost to the edge so some of it was lost in the seams.

1-DSCN5996I used sashing strips 1 inches wide to attach the blocks to each other. I’ll be posting a tutorial. 2-DSCN5951 03-DSCN5941 1-DSCN59921-DSCN5994

This would be a treasure to someone only if the maker was known. Do you label your quilts? It makes me sad to think there is a family out there missing a piece of their history.

Saddened on the Journey, Jackie