Scrapitude and Disappearing Pinwheels

There was a sew-in on Twitter yesterday for Martin Luther King Day. Please note that the quilters I follow on Twitter will find any reason to host a sew-in. And these are not limited to  one day. This one started on Friday. Sadly a busy weekend and work day on Monday prevented me from participating until last night.

Step 4 to Scrapitude was posted a few days ago, (see Sandy’s blog over at Quilting For the Rest of Us) so I set up my work space to piece them as leaders and enders (for now).


I pieced one block and pinned it right behind the pieces so I would keep them straight. I love love love how this is coming together.



The Disappearing Pinwheel by Missouri Star Quilt Company has two versions of their tutorial on YouTube. I meant to make the first version. In spite of my best efforts to get the block straight, I ended up with the second version. Sigh.

I only made 5 blocks to start with but I am not turning back.1-DSCN5552

I thought about adding sashing…2-DSCN5553

Or alternating between the 2 blocks.1-DSCN5567

What would you do?

  • Keep as is
  • Add sashing
  • Alternate

My motto is a “mistake” is an opportunity for a new design element, so here is my chance.

Deliberating on the Journey, Jackie


  • Paul Burega

    I like sashing. That’s not to say you can’t alternative with sashing. I think I would like to see the blocks all together, not alternated – top left 1 block, bottom right other block, they meet in the middle.

  • Gretchen Firestone

    Alternating looks good to me.

  • val

    I loved your original immediately…but as I scrolled down the post, further,I really like the alternate way too. (LOVE THESE!) I’d say if you are going for a more traditional look, sash them. After scrolling back and forth a few times (deliberating with ya! LOL!) My favorite remains the original one without sashing. I like how the little white pinwheels pop! I also like the clean white background. I vote: keep as.

    • Jackie

      I still keep going back and forth, last night leaning towards alternating, this morning as is. Maybe that means I need to make two.

      Jackie Berdych
      Sew Excited
      Facebook: Sew Excited Quilts

  • SandyH

    I could go with any of the above. But with alternating, it strikes me you have some great white space there where the corners of the blocks come together–what about some cute little applique image? Not to add work or anything… 😉

    • Jackie

      Me and applique? Not so much. That is one technique I keep trying to like. It’s for a baby, I want quick and easy. Thanks for commenting.

      Jackie Berdych
      Sew Excited
      Facebook: Sew Excited Quilts

  • Elly D

    I like the alternating version the best but any would look great. Thanks for the links to the tutorials. What a wonderful block technique 🙂