January Mini Retreat

There was no planned project at Saturday’s mini retreat. It was left as a free-sew time. I decided to bring supplies to make more of these:

Crazy Quilt Star Ornaments

I wanted something easy, portable and wouldn’t require a lot of concentration and this was the perfect project.

Crazy Quilt Star Ornaments

I prepared by cutting batting squares that were about 1/2 larger than the star I would cut out, put those with the fabric scraps in little bags, thread, machine and I was ready to go.

Crazy Quilt Star Ornaments

I did the same set on each one before moving to the next step. That kept me from having to move between a straight and decorative stitch as often. I was able to get 11 completely covered. A couple of hours cutting and adding a hanger and they are complete.Crazy Quilt Star Ornaments

I plan to make more as they become gifts to dinner guests over the Christmas holidays. In recent years I have given snowflakes. It will be nice to have another option for those that visit each year.P1010072 (1024x768)_wm

This is on my Goals List for 2014, but I will need to make more. So while this set is complete, the project is still on my list.

What are you doing these days to keep warm?

Enjoy the Journey, Jackie