Getaway Sewing

I am away for a long weekend “mini” vacation break. On a whim I decided to bring my sewing machine and a couple of small projects. I knew there would be “down time” and if I had the opportunity to sew, I didn’t want to regret leaving my machine behind.

We generally camp because my allergies prevent me from staying in hotels. We were assured by the agency we worked with that they could provide a room that would be safe for me to stay in. I have to say it didn’t start out well, and we thought we were going to have to head back home. After a bit of time, we were moved from a room to a 1 bedroom condo!

With it came room for me to set up my machine. My husband thought it was the perfect place for me until he noticed the TV had been moved. 🙂 He brought books to read and a sermon to prepare for, so he had other things he planned to do.

First project, rope bowls using clothesline and 1 1/2 inch strips of fabric. I had cut up yardage I have had forever to crochet rugs a long time ago and never did anything with them. They are perfect for the bowls and will be great for little gifts this Christmas.


I also have a quilt in my head using a layer cake that I started on last week. These are ready to be trimmed to 4.5 inches:


And these are ready to be sewn:

DSCN5023Even though the plan is for a layer cake I am testing my idea using fat quarters from Connecting Threads. I must admit that I now have new ideas in my head that I will test on another bundle of fabric when I get home.

And while my head is swimming with ideas for a layer cake quilt, the bathroom tile layout seems to be a perfect charm square quilt waiting to happen. Of course it will not look exactly like this, but this is a jumping off place of design in my head.


What ideas are percolating in your head?

Resting on the Journey, Jackie

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