Stained Glass Crazy Quilt Finish

DSCN4849 web_wmThis is a result of participating in Artquiltmaker’s creative prompt “glass.” This is a practice piece based off of my original drawing getting ready for the Oct – Dec Quilt-It Challenge which is a whole cloth quilt project.

Each eight inch block in this project is the same design quilted with different thread or batting on muslin

First block, details and more close-ups here, is quilted with Aurilfil 50wt 2311 thread.

DSCN4840 web_wmThe second block is my favorite one, I really like how the variegated threads (by Sulky) stitch out.

DSCN4842 web_wmUp next, a dark thread for contrast. Another Aurifil 50 wt (# 1200) thread. The contrast is too much for me, but it sure does stand out!

DSCN4845 Web_wmFor the last block, I put a second layer of batting behind the block to see how it would change the design. It wasn’t as dramatic as I thought it would be.

DSCN4847 web_wm

This was fun, quick and great practice. I liked playing with the different threads to see how they make a difference. This will be a great sample in my classroom to show how a choice in thread can have an impact.

It is now the middle of October so it is time to start putting my thoughts into stitches for the  Oct – Dec Quilt-It Challenge whole cloth quilt project.

What is your favorite block? Why?

Enjoy the Journey, Jackie 

  • Gretchen Firestone

    So pretty! I wonder if some trapunto in the feathers and larger circles might not really make it pop.