July Veteran Quilt Sew In

There were 4 of us and while few in number we made a dent on the veteran quilts.

Ann started a new one:

July 2013 Sew In And really sent to town:July 2013 Sew InKathy was trimming, cutting and preparing binding:

July 2013 Sew In

 Working with Mary on applying her binding:

July 2013 Sew In

July 2013 Sew InI even had a chance to sew:

July 2013 Sew In

Taking a look at Ann’s progress:July 2013 Sew In

Our goal is to have another 12 lap quilts by this Veteran’s day.

Ladies, we need a name for ourselves. Any ideas?

Enjoy the Journey, Jackie



  • Landscapelady

    Such concentration! I do agree, you need a name. The D- day divas of quilting?
    The red, white and blue stitch and bitch club? The Veterans appreciation society or VAS ?