Student Spotlight – Just One Quilt?

When I started formally offering classes, Judy was one of the faithful that attended my once a month Saturday class. She wanted to make a large lap sized quilt as a gift. Judy liked the bags and items I had made for her over the years so I expected she would want to start with something smaller and simpler.

Judy's Lap Quilt

I told her it would take quite a while only working on it a couple of hours a month, but she was still eager to make a quilt. It did take her over 2 years but that is not a long time considering the number of Saturday classes she was unable to attend.

We spent a work lunch break at a nearby Big Box store so she could pick out fabrics in her color choices.

Judy's Lap Quilt

She found wrestling with a large quilt in the sewing machine a challenge and I heard more than once she wouldn’t do a quilt that size again.Judy's Lap Quilt

FINISHED!Judy's Lap QuiltFunny thing is, as long as it took and as much as she didn’t like maneuvering that 60 x 80 quilt under the machine she is now working on a king size quilt (110 x 120) on a small home machine (it can be done quilters). 010 (800x600)

Who would have thought?

She said she won’t do it again, but knowing her generous heart I wouldn’t be surprised if there aren’t some smaller donation quilts in her future, after the smaller items she said are next on her list.

Judy, you have done a great job!

Enjoy the Journey, Jackie

  • Laura B

    Terrific! That’s a gorgeous quilt.

  • Diane Rincon

    That’s a wonderful quilt, Judy and Jackie. The recipient is very lucky!