Summer Fun Counting Book

I subscribe to the Creative Machine Embroidery magazine and one of free projects in the most recent issue featured a cute denim counting book.

P1210756 (800x638)

I was given a heavy red denim a couple of years ago and decided this was a great way to use it. I even had a package of grommets that I recently purchased that I could use. Just for the record, going through two layers of heavy denim is not fun.

P1210746 (800x600)

The designs are darling and stitched out nicely.They took a while to stitch out but I have another machine so I could sew while this machine was working.

DSCN4138 (800x702)

I recently read that it really isn’t possible to multitask…… Misplaced holes seem to bear that truth out. Let’s just say I found opportunities for new “design elements.”

2-P1210750 1-P1210748

Now doesn’t it look deliberate?

P1210756 (800x638)

P1210763 (800x504)

Even though this took a while, I would do it again as I think it is really cute. I would use lightweight denim that the pattern recommends. I would also use smaller grommets. I am not sure I like the ragged edges of the denim, but it sure makes it easy to put together.

15-Summer Fun Counting Book1 15-Collages

I am considering making a purchase of lightweight denim so I can make another one.

What summer fun are you working on?

Enjoy the Journey, Jackie

  • Diane Rincon

    Very nice, Jackie. Do you have a special little one in mind?

    • Jackie

      Thank you Diane. I am thinking about giving it to my granddaughter but then I wonder if she is too old (she’s 3). I think she may like it anyway.

      Jackie Berdych
      Sew Excited
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