Project Hope Quilt

I don’t like rick rack, but for this quilt it was fitting….

(isn’t this a great picture? Thank you Kathy!)
Project Hope QuiltWhen Sandi and Sandy first mentioned on their podcast that they were hosting an online Project Hope Quilt Show on Flickr, my mind started working overtime with ideas. That is a good and a bad thing.

Good, because the creative juices were flowing, bad because my ideas many times are grander than my time or ability. Anyone else have that problem?

My first thought was a sunrise across the water as there is something promising in a new day as you watch the sun rise. More ideas came – hands reaching out – thread and fabric a mess in one corner slowly changing into a beautiful quilt (may still do this one), – words appliqued across the fabric canvas.

One day it clicked and this is what I did, though it evolved even more as I started working.

My process:

Project Hope Quilt

Project Hope Quilt

I can actually quilt words better than I can write them but I used a Frixon Pen to write the words so the spacing would work out.

DSCN4076 (800x600)

Project Hope

P1210405 (800x600)

P1210398 (783x800)

Having hope opens the possibilities for more pathways to move forward and this is what I wanted to convey.

At Dawn, Hope Brings:


What brings you hope in troubled times?

Enjoy the Journey, Jackie

For the story of my misspelling go here. 🙂

  • Diane Rincon

    This works so well, Jackie, conveying your thoughtfully positive message. It was fun to see and read about your process, too.

    • Jackie

      I think every quilt is a complicated process in my head that takes many turns and this one is no different.

      Jackie Berdych
      Sew Excited
      Facebook: Sew Excited Quilts

  • Jackie

    Thank you. I agree, that is really our only source of help.

    Jackie Berdych
    Sew Excited
    Facebook: Sew Excited Quilts

  • Carole Wool

    This is creative quilt, Jackie. I feel the hope!

  • Patrica

    The ric rac is cute but the quilted writing is amazing!

    • Jackie

      Thank you. 🙂 It was fun to do.

  • Faith X

    I’m not normally a fan of rick rack, either, but this is really lovely.

    • Jackie

      Thank you Faith.

  • val

    Fantastic!! You’ve inspired me to take some of your word and embellishment ideas and try some of these on a project linus quilt!! Thanks for the inspiration Jackie!! I love it!

    • Jackie

      Thank you! Can’t wait to see what you do.