Two Starts and Two Finishes

I am one to have several projects going at once at various stages. That allows me to choose based on time availability, particular interest at the time, or succumb to my attention span issues.

I actually get panicky if I am finishing up a project or two and don’t have others beyond the mental planning stages.

I was starting to get to that panic phase as I finished up another leader/ender Veteran quilt:

P1190856 (655x800)

and Grace’s Birthday quilt (more on this one later):

Grace Quilts

While it may not sound like it is a positive thing to panic over a hobby, I am finding that it helps me get past the planning stage. I tend to get stuck there. Afraid to plunge in. I guess that means I am more afraid of not having a project to work on, than I am of making that commitment and cutting into fabric for the first time.

So I started cutting on my Black, White and Red Quilt:

Black Red & White Quilt

and my Hope quilt:

Hope Quilt

Long weekend ahead, so hopefully that means extra sewing time…….

Enjoy the Journey, Jackie

  • Sandi Colwell

    Love your projects! Can’t wait to see the hope one and the red & white! Have a great weekend!

  • Sweet! The finishes look great and red + B&W is my favorite color combo. Looking forward to seeing what you’re up to.

  • Great post, Jackie! Your birthday quilt for Grace turned out super! I remember seeing it all stuck up on the design wall a while back. Now that Black, White and Red Quilt…. Can’t wait to see more of that!