Hitting the Wall

A baby Dresden plate quilt has been on my list to make for some time:

DSCN3938 (800x600)

And I needed more 2 inch squares for this doll quilt:

P1160970 (800x473)_wmSo I thought it would be a good time to start my Dresden plate quilt. The plan was to cut up what I needed from the fat 1/8 bundle in the first picture and use the leftover fabric to cut my 2 inch squares for my hexagon quilt.

I always do a test block, for several reasons. 1. Curiosity. 2. Security, I need to make sure it will stitch together correctly. 3. Insecurity, if I am testing new waters I want to be sure I am headed where I want to go.

Here is my test block:

Dresden Plate Baby Quilt

I thought it was a little busy so I decided to alternate with the solids:

Dresden Plate Baby Quilt

I posted this on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Threadbias for feedback. And you all pretty much summed it up for me. I like the vintage look on the one on the right and I like the modern look of the one on the right.

Dresden Plate Baby Quilt

So I am stalled.

In the meantime I did this:

Key Fobs

I know totally unrelated. But I needed a diversion, and a few quick gifts. This is the same design Katie used over at Katie’s Quilting Corner. The free design is from Five Star Fonts and I have another design that I plan to make for a friend so I thought it made sense to start with one of their simpler designs to see how they stitch out.

It was super easy and I had so much fun making them. I really liked using scraps for the batik one. I can see more of these in my future.

Back to my wall. Literal – my design wall. Figurative – my mental wall.

Do I go for what I was originally planning (vintage baby)? Change direction? Or do both?

Enjoy the Journey, Jackie