Additional Space

You know the saying, “If you give them an inch, they will take a mile?”

I think I am guilty.

Last Friday I posted here, about expanding my sewing room space into the living room. Having needle and thread at my spot in the living room has been a familiar sight.

Having a sewing machine and cabinet have not.

Friday’s post was my inch, this is my mile:

Another chair, another project (binding):

And another:

And if that wasn’t enough, I needed a cutting station:

After all I was going to need more 2 inch squares for this:

DSCN3699 (1280x960)_wm

Now to my defense  the cutting station is heading back downstairs, at least for now. The binding on the quilt will get finished and go to its new home and the books and practice block will also find its way downstairs to be finished.

Where else does your creativity spill over?

Enjoy the journey, Jackie

  • Lorna McMahon

    Nice to see you make yourself at home! Lol! I love the little hexies!