Space Quilt

I purchased this “cheater” quilt last October while vacationing/camping in Iowa. My daughter has 4 boys and I figured over the years each one would enjoy the space theme at some point. This quilt will be going home with Benny the Bear next week.


I wasn’t sure how I would quilt it so I thought learning to do circles would be a good place to start. Upside to this, perfect circles not required. 
DSCN3164 (768x1024)_wm
    For the main quilting I stitched on the constellations and did a meandering star between them to get from one place to another. DSCN3740 (1280x960)_wm

I echo stitched around the planetsDSCN3743 (1280x960)_wm DSCN3744 (1280x960)_wm

I practiced straight lines and points on the sun:

DSCN3739 (1280x960)_wm In the border line, I worked on perfecting my circles with 1/4 inch quilting:

DSCN3723 (1280x960)

Quilting tiny circles were more difficult than I thought they would be.

If I were to redo this quilt, I don’t think I would quilt on top of the constellations but around them. It is too late to make that change, little boys are not going to care, and I need to leave it be. It turned out to be a good learning quilt for making circles.

Another 2013 WIP completed. What is waiting for me now are larger projects, hand projects and those still in bins waiting to be cut.

What is waiting for you to do?

Enjoy the Journey, Jackie

  • Elita Sharpe

    What a lovely quilt! My 13 yr old son is very much into space as well (has a huge mural print of the Horsehead Nebula on his wall that HE picked out). He would go nuts over something like this. Very nice job on the quilting!

    • Jackie

      Thank you. Too bad there isn’t a bed-sized space panel out there to quilt.