Benny the Bear

 Benny was a gift to my grandson when he was born, almost 9 years ago. The original bear didn’t include the label, more on that later.

DSCN3680 (1280x960)_wm

In January we visited my daughter and family, Camden came to me the night before we were to leave brought out this bear asked me to fix him.

DSCN3447 (768x1024)

As you can see the bear was well-loved and cherished (and maybe had seen a fight or two in his day). His arms were completely separated but intact. Most of the stuffing was missing in the other parts of him and what little remained was matted and old. When I mentioned to Camden that I might not be able to fix him, he didn’t skip a beat and very emphatically stated that he knew I could fix him.

The simple faith and trust of a child.

But it didn’t stop there, I asked him if he had a name for his bear and he told me “Benny” and that he wanted me to put his name on his belly. He wanted me to add-on one leg, “to Camden” and on the other leg, “from Grandma.” And I couldn’t forget his eyes, I needed to give him eyes that moved. And I needed to take good care of him, while I had him. This is the same child who was very specific about what he wanted for his new pillowcase and that story is here.

When I motioned to take Benny with me so I could pack him for the trip home, Camden asked if he could sleep with him one more night. He said he would sleep with Benny and one other stuffed animal before he could give him to me. I think he wanted a night with both stuffed toys to transition. Precious.
DSCN3681 (875x1280)_wmBut he didn’t end there, he asked if I could make another bear with sports on him. I haven’t done that yet, and in some ways, I wished I had kept Benny as he was – a well-loved bear,  and made Camden a new one.

It’s not quilting, but special.

Love you Camden, Benny will be on his way to you soon. Take good care of him. He is fragile now and even though he is fixed, you will need to love him gently.

Love and miss you, Grandma
Enjoy the Journey, Jackie

  • Diane Rincon

    That’s such a lovely story, Jackie.

  • Sandi Colwell

    That’s so sweet, Jackie! Lucky Camden and Benny.

  • Tanesha (CraftyGardenMom)

    Oh, what a sweet story!

  • Mary Ann

    So sweet

  • Kristen

    I showed him the post and the pictures and he was very excited…first thing he asked is “when is he coming home? I wanted Grandma to take him to fix him and send him back, not to keep him for a really long time or throw him out or something.”

    • Jackie

      You can tell him (or have him read this) that I would not throw Benny out and I will get him in the mail soon. I took very good care of Benny while I had him.

  • Debby

    That is so cute! And a nice story. 🙂 (I know I am a little late replying…I am behind on my google reader!)

    • Jackie

      I understand getting behind in blog reading. Thanks for stopping by.