Creative Prompt Project – Old – Star – Wet

Jaye over at Artquiltmaker posts a creative prompt each week, with one word.

With that one word you are to do something creative. Write, draw, sew, use paper, fabric, compose a song, doodle, whatever comes to mind.

I’ve been following Jaye’s blog for sometime and while the words intrigued me they also intimidated me. The “I can’ts” and “I’m not good enough” swept any creative idea I may have had right out of my brain.

After some encouragement on Twitter and taking some time to analyse my response, I was able to move forward. I also realized something about my creative brain. It functions much like my everyday working brain.(surprise!)  I am a slow processor, I analyse everything. Look at all possibilities. I consider all my options, risks, successes before I move on. The more I consider this reality the more I realize that it applies to my quilting as well.

I started with “star” first by doodling. Though not so well. I then remembered I had quilted some stars. I quilt stars better than I doodle them.

After thinking about “old” for a bit, I came up with this:

Last weeks prompt was “wet.”

So now that I jumped into this exercise  I plan to continue. Hopefully using different mediums from time to time.

Have you discovered something about yourself lately?
Enjoy the journey, Jackie

  • Jaye

    Great responses! Your stars are excellent! I need to learn to do that. Thanks for participating. Make sure to put a link back to your blog in the comments of the relevant posts so others can see them!