What Happened to Quilting?

I’ve not been quilting.
My brain is stalled.
My time has been limited.
My life has been stressed

I have several quilts in process and tons in my head so it is not for a lack of something to do. With all my work stress you would think sitting at the machine and mindlessly piecing would be therapeutic. It’s just not happening.

Instead, I put my embroidery machine to work:
DSCN3293 (1024x768)_wm

These are Criswell Embroidery snowflake designs that I have stitched out the last several years. They make nice package additions and gifts. I tried many different threads, but I am happiest with Sulky viscose white. They take over an hour to stitch out but with no color changes I just set up the machine, press start and go on my merry way.

I am not sure where brain-dead and creativity come together, but they did, and the results of my first attempt are found on this post on my first felted needle book. I never did put away my supplies from my whirlwind gift making so last night I attempted some more:

Felted Needle BooksThe thread and needle book is 3 x 3, which makes the size a little more suitable than the floral one which is 3.5 x 4. Each have batting in the middle to hold your pins & needles.

Today is my teaching Saturday in the morning and the Veteran sew-in group in the afternoon so I best get ready.

What’s keeping you busy today?
Enjoy the journey, Jackie

  • Carol

    We all get in a funk now and then, although you still seem to be able to get creative things done. Those snowflakes are really lovely. You’re quilting mojo will return with a vengeance very soon;-)

  • Valerie

    Wow, you’re still being nicely productive! I’ve never made (or used) needle books, but I especially like the one with the needle and thread.

    • Jackie

      Thank you. I still consider it a sad day when I don’t feel like quilting but I was very pleased that the idea in my head turned out how I hoped. That doesn’t happen very often.