Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

The inspiration for this quilt can be found here. The reason for these colors are here.

I decided that I would alternate the color scheme for each block placement but vary the direction the block was placed. 

I even sewed several rows together. After it was on my design board for a bit, I realized there was just too much going on. I was also making it larger as I had decided to give it to a daughter who loves purple and bright colors. It would go nicely in her room or would be a good quilt to cuddle under while watching TV.  I made her a quilt when she first moved in with us (she’s adopted) when she was 10, but when we moved her a couple of years ago to her current situation, she no longer had the quilt.

So while starching the extra blocks, I got busy with my seam ripper.

I hate to seam rip and the time it takes. I felt as though I was able to redeem the time, by placing the iron on a section of block, pick a couple of stitches and move the iron, pick stitches, move iron, pick stitches, spray, iron, pick. You get the picture.

This layout, alternates the blocks, but keeps the pattern all in the same direction.

This is better but I still think it is too busy. I plan to live with it for a day or two, but I have a couple of alternate ideas floating in my head so we will see.

Have you taken any steps backward this past week?

Enjoy the journey, Jackie

  • Anna

    I definitely like the second version better. Have you tried spacing the blocks apart to mimic white sashing. Might help with the busy-ness.