A Finish! Granite at Dusk

Close-up of the quilting:

How it looks on the back:

Finished size 29 x 29

Fabrics used: Stonehenge by Northcott

Pattern: “Emerald City” from “Casting Shadows” by Colleen Wise

I quilted straight line quilting in the sashing and “shadow” to highlight the blocks

and I stitched in the ditch within the blocks.

Enjoy the journey, Jackie

  • I absolutely love this! and the quiting is perfect, well done (applause)

  • Wow! Stunning! This is absolutely gorgeous. I’m feeling a bit covetous at the moment. If it ever disappears from your home, well…

  • Nita

    Jackie, very pretty.

  • Jackie

    Thank you all.

    Sandy, if I still lived in NY, I might suspect it was you, I have a few in my area that have seen it on my design wall that have threatened to take it home with them.

  • Love it Jackie!! Hmmmmmm …. this almost fits one of the color schemes I was talking about this weekend! 🙂

  • Gretchen Firestone

    I love the quilting on this. It fits it perfectly!