A Phone Call, Pillow Fight & Sewing Project

The conversation started like this, “Grandma, I went to camp this past week and I was in a pillow fight and I need a new pillow case.”

“Hi Camden (he’s 8), did you have fun?”

“Yes, but I need you to make me a new pillowcase, but instead of numbers I want it to have bats and balls and hats. And instead of the green stripe I want blue and instead of blue on the rest of it, I want gold or yellow.”

Several years ago I took Camden, then 4 with me on an outing, in addition to a lunch stop and toy store it included a stop at a fabric store (okay, maybe not one store, but 2 or 3). I visit the area where he lives once a year, and the stores call out to me, and Camden didn’t seem to mind. Anyway while in one of the stores he saw the “number” fabric and got all excited and told me he loved numbers and asked if I could buy it for him. My first thought was, what is a 4 year-old boy going to do with fabric? I suggested I could make him a pillowcase so together we picked out the other fabrics.

It was in the same store, Camden came to me and asked, “Grandma, why are you petting the fabric?” Oh, the things they notice. How do you explain that to a 4-year-old?

So a week at camp, with other 8-year-old boys, and the pillowcase is no more. He was quite upset but was reassured that Grandma would make him another one.

Hence the phone call.

So now, I am charged with instructions for the next pillow case. He asked if I would send him pictures before I made it. He wanted to approve the fabrics! I asked him if he thought he could trust me with this. He agreed.

When I asked his mom to send a picture of his pillowcase, Camden thought is was necessary to draw a picture of what he wanted.

So Camden, here is the fabric for your next pillow. Let me know if you approve. Better yet, do you want to make it when you visit the next time?

Love you

Have you had any unexpected sewing or quilting requests lately?

Enjoy the journey, Jackie

  • Diane Rincon

    I love it! Your Camden knows what he wants, and who can make it for him. Diane

  • Great story! And I think it’s wonderful that he was still using his original pillowcase four years later as his “I need a bit of home at camp” pillowcase! have fun making the new one. Can enough of the old one be selveged into a throw pillow or something for him to still have the memory of it?

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