Hoops Sisters Mystery Quilt

I have always been intrigued by quilting in the hoop and even designed a pattern for crazy quilting postcards all sewn in a hoop, but never a quilt block intended to end up in a quilt.

Here are the crazy quilt postcards I digitized to be sewn in the hoop:

Here are a couple of other patterns that I designed:

When Katie over at “Katie’s Quilting Corner” and Lori over at “quiltinggunleased” had a twitter conversation regarding the Hoop Sister’s Mystery Quilt coming up I was encouraged to give it a try. I have seen their blocks in a local quilt shop and it was something I have wanted to do, so now was as good as time as any.

After sewing the block in the hoop, you trim the block specifically keeping in mind the placement of the block in that quilt, so the edges are prepared for the block or binding for that edge. Let’s just say I had a few ” do overs.”

I have never participated in a mystery quilt before. I like my life ordered and planned and working on something, without knowing the outcome, really isn’t for me.

But there are times when one must step outside of their comfort zones and I thought this was a good opportunity for me to do so.

I am almost done, soon the mystery will be revealed.

Have you stepped out of your comfort zone lately?

Enjoy the journey, Jackie