A Baby Doll Pillow

You know the recent stories of Grace and Noah over here and here regarding their sewing projects.

While Noah was on my lap sewing his snake blanket, Grace was tugging on Noah to get down. It was disruptive for Noah so I told her if she let Noah finish sewing we could make a pillow for her baby doll next. She happily left Noah alone to go find fabric for her pillow.

 The pillow went together very quickly and while she carefully spent over 20 minutes stuffing her pillow, I was able to clean up from our sewing projects for the day. I am sure she would have kept busy much longer stuffing as she seemed quite intent. However, I wanted to be done and I wanted to finish the project with her before she tired of it.

This isn’t the best picture but Grace was too busy fixing up the baby to want to stop for pictures. The pillow is underneath the baby. She is wrapping her baby up in a tactile quilt I made for her when she was first-born.

  • Landscapelady

    What a cutie pie! I love the fact you are showing them the joys of making something for yourself, they will grow up to creative in their lives.

    • I hope so and better yet, I hope she grows up to be a quilter. I am not biased am I? 🙂

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