No Color, Just Value

I purchased this book in a quilt shop in Kentucky a few years ago. The store had the quilt pictured on the cover displayed on one of their walls and I fell in love with it. If they had had a kit I would have snatched it up. 

I am not one to buy a book for a pattern and even though I loved this quilt, I purchased the book for a shadow technique taught in the book that I used for a quilt that I was working on at the time. My definition of “working on” in this case was a quilt that was still forming in my head.

Details about the quilt can be found over here. Below is a close-up of the area that I used a gray paint in such a way to give the impression that the words “No Greater Love”  are carved into wood (fabric).
Now that the book belongs to me, making the quilt on the front cover has been in my head ever since.

I finally decided to bite the bullet and play with my Stonehenge fabrics. EKK…..

The critical piece with the blocks is value, which I can see best with a camera, though after many attempts I started to see the value really well without the camera.

Here are my fat quarters in black and white in light, medium, dark groupings:

Here they are in color:

Now the hard part – cutting into them.

What keeps you from moving forward into new discoveries in your life?

Enjoy the journey, Jackie

  • landscapelady

    First of all that quilt you made for the sisters is beyond words. I read the post and wonderful is just not enough, I guess special is as close as I can say. The sisters must have loved it, they would appreciate something like that. I didn’t notice the words in the wood at first until the closeup – very cool!

    Second of all, I need some Stonehenge fabric, it goes together so well. The trouble is you need all Stonehenge to make a quilt to really do it justice. I suppose a jelly roll of it is probablly the way to go. I am looking forward to seeing what you do with it.

    What is holding me back? Probablly fear of failure and the fact I am such a creature of habit I don’t like going out of my routine although I know when I do, I usually like it. Guess I need a push to jump now and then;-)

    • Thank you so much. That quilt was so much more than fabric.

      We all need that little nudge now and then and I so struggle with fear.

      I am very pleased with what I have done so far with the Stonehenge fabric and I have another one planned. I tend to design my own patterns and oddly enough both of the quilts/wall hangings I am making with this fabric are not my patterns. Maybe this is my safe way of using the fabric. 🙂