Veteran Quilt Sew-in Part 2

Today finishes from last month started over here and here:

Nine women showed up today to work on the Veteran lap quilts,  Several of them finished their quilting and binding from last month. Three started on new quilts.

Here are the quilts and kits ready and waiting for everyone to arrive:

An organized mess it appears but there was a method to my madness.

Sherri started a quilt, and in spite of a few Facebook lapses (along with Dianne):

was also able to finish a quilt:

Some of the women were here for a few hours, others were here the entire day. Everyone worked hard. 

Here are some of the quotes of the day:

  • “Always measure twice, cut once.” (and it didn’t come from me)
  • “Ooppsies” (heard that more than once)
  • “Sashing covers a multitude of sins.”
  • “Did you find out you did it wrong after you cut it?”
  • “Oh no, I have been sewing all this time and I ran out of bobbin thread”
  • “Help, it’s sewing by itself”
  • “I’m sitting down now…”
  • “Sometimes I impress myself”

Here are some pictures from today:

Things get pretty crazy so taking pictures is forgotten.

All ready for next month:

Enjoy the journey, Jackie