Crazy Quilt Journal Cover Assembly

The pre-assembly instructions can be found over here.

Printed instructions for the directions below can be found here: Crazy Quilt Book Cover Assembly. Note that two samples were used for pictures.

Start by ironing your interfacing to the wrong side of your base (muslin) fabric. Then fold in half right side out and iron to crease your center book line. With your base piece facing up, you will be working on the right side of the fold as this is the front of your cover.

Place your 5 or 6 sided shape in the center right front of your muslin base:

Starting at the largest edge take a coordinating fabric, place right sides together matching along the edge:

Stitch 1/4 inch, turn and top stitch using a decorative stitch:

Turn the entire piece over and trim added piece to the base fabric:

Move to the next area, using a different fabric, line it up along the edge of your center fabric. It will overlap the area you just added. Be sure it covers out up the edges when you flip it over:

Stitch along the edge of the fabric you just added, and trim the previous piece that is beyond the seam allowance:

Flip to right side, add decorative stitches, lace or ribbons and trim along the edges:

Continue around your center piece until the entire front of your cover is sewn:

Measure the height and width of the back of your cover and add 1/2 inch to the height and 1 inch to the width. Cut your front piece 1/4 inch beyond the fold and then mark that line:

Line your backing fabric along the line you just marked, right side together and sew at 1/4 inch:

Flip the back piece open, iron and use a decorative stitch along the seam line:

Trim and square up along the edges:

Turn your cover right sides up and stitch your ribbons (optional) at the center of each side and top center with the edge of the ribbon facing out:

Place a pocket on each end with the fold toward the center. Stitch along the ends only on each pocket:

Place your lining right sides together on top of your book cover:

Stitch along the long edge (top and bottom) only:

Now for some magic.

Turn your lining right side out:

Your pockets will appear to be misplaced, don’t worry.

Turn your pockets to the inside of your cover:

Test your fit and reverse your turning steps above to make any adjustments. Once you have a good fit, trim your corners before the final turn:
Make your final turns and you are done!

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Thank you.