Scrappy Pinwheels


became this…

and then this…

and finally this…

This started over here with doll quilts. After I cut all my triangles I still had strips left. Granted they were small, but still usable.

I used 5 inch squares of Pellon “True Grid” as the base for placing my strips. Starting in the center with a long strip I placed it diagonally across the square and in a paper piecing fashion I worked my way out from the center. I trimmed the covered squares to 4 1/2 inches. I didn’t have very many squares so I added a white square to each and cut into half square triangles.

Next step, determine a layout.

Enjoy the journey, Jackie

  • I’m leaning towards the pinwheels, myself. On the other hand, the versions with the white blocks would give you great possibilities for quilting designs or applique or embroidery or something. (In that case, I like the one where the white centers are framed with the strips versus the one that looks like it’s alternating.) Love what you’ve done so far, though. Great use of scraps!

  • Jackie James

    I like the look of the pinewheel version the best.

  • Thanks Ladies,

    I like the pinwheel the best but I could only envision it with making them different colors vs. white and I didn’t want to do all the unsewing. I also liked Sandy’s idea of the white space with the other layout, but I was afraid of too much negative space . Now that the top is complete (posted on my facebook page (Sew Excited Quilts), I wish I had used white strips, though I didn’t have the “right white.”

  • Claire Alexander

    All kind of reasons to love this! Thirties fabrics, using up small scraps, playing with possibilities…

    • Jackie

      Thank you. I loved working with them. I have more ideas in my head….