Quilting Surprise

My wonderful husband came home with this package for me yesterday.

Rocking Chair Quilts is a quilt shop in a small town located an hour from my home. They have great sales and service which I place online. I visit once at year to spend my birthday discount from them.

Yesterday my husband called and asked if there was anything that I would want from them as he was in the area. My response was fabric (naturally), but he wanted a detailed list, like he was going to the grocery store. A list of “fabric, fabric, fabric” really wasn’t going to help him any, so I passed on the offer.

Later I got to thinking about it and sent this text to him, “Quilt shop – you can always surprise me and pick up fabric you like or think I will like from the sale table or an assortment of fat quarters.”

No response. I figured he didn’t get the text in time or he decided I was crazy to even suggest such a thing.

Surprisingly, he brought in a package with fat quarters. He said he read my text to the woman in the shop and together they picked out an assortment of Stonehenge fabrics, which I love.

What surprises have you had recently in your life?

Enjoy the journey, Jackie

  • Wow! Lucky you!

    This weekend I was surprised at how much I got done in little bits! 15 minutes at a time doesn’t seem like much quilting time, but when you add those together- you can actually make a quilt!