Saying Good-bye

This blog is about quilting and other sewing crafts with a little of the personal me thrown in from time to time. Today is a day of me. Yesterday I said good-bye to a dear friend. She is moving back to NY her home-town state to be closer to family. Oddly enough we are both from Upstate NY and it was here in MO that we met and became friends.

Today I would have had lunch with Sandy. Once a week except for vacations and unavoidable work demands we met for lunch. Our original lunch date started on Tuesdays but a newly required lunch meeting interfered with that so we moved it to Thursday’s. When we first moved the day from Tuesday to Thursday the week seemed longer for both of us. A week is a week is a week so how could the time between Tuesday’s seem shorter than they were between Thursday’s? Now it will not matter, there will be no more Tuesday’s or Thursday’s or the occasional alternate day thrown in for lunch.

She is not a quilter nor a sewer but she always cheered me on. Not only in my personal life, but my professional life. We spent our lunch times together laughing, crying, talking about nothing and everything. The hour would fly by and it seemed as though we were just getting started.

Today for my lunch I decided to take a trip to a quilt shop near work. I realized a couple of weeks ago it would be a positive way to move forward and fill my Thursday void. I knew exactly what I planned to purchase. I have had my eye on a wool candle mat kit for some time and this was the perfect excuse to do something for me. Sadly they were all out. I walked out empty-handed and disappointed.

The story behind the picture Be Anything2 weeks ago the picture was sitting on the table when I walked into our meeting room for lunch. She had seen it in a magazine while cleaning and packing and thought of me. I have a copy in my office at work and sewing studio at home. It is a reminder for me to heed what she said I taught her and the carefree hour we spent each week.

So while this post is not about quilting, it is about another passion I have and that is for the family and friends that have enriched and blessed my life.

What special people bring joy to your life?

Sad on the journey, Jackie

Oh, and she called at 11:30. I had promised her I would still take that hour for me. She knows I have a hard time breaking away from my desk for lunch as I do every other day. It was still hard to break away and I almost didn’t, but I promised.