No More Excuses

As you have read, I am not thrilled by the quilting I am doing on my bed quilt. It will look really good when it is complete, I am just not enjoying the process and generally quilting the top is one of my favorite parts about quilting.

The quilt is set on point and this is one of the side pieces.

This is a picture of the back where the quilting stands out more.

The fabric looks more muted in the picture but I am sure it is my camera and picture-taking skills.

This is my third and final project for this quarter’s 2012 Finish-a-Long so I have no more excuses. Plus I told my husband I would have it finished by the end of March. I think he is more excited about the quilt than I am.

So now I have a baby quilt to finish, “Box of Chocolates” waiting for me ,and several others in various stages that are waiting (for the most part) for another day.

Hopefully the next time you see this quilt it will be on my design wall, quilted and waiting for the binding instead of underneath my sewing machine waiting to be quilted.

What do you have in your life that is waiting for you?

Enjoy the journey, Jackie