Childhood Colors

I didn’t start quilting with fabric until I was an adult, but my quilting creativity began as a child. A doll was the only store-bought item I remember and I would make paper dolls from the back of cereal boxes. Paper and crayons were used for outfits and magazine pictures for their faces.

Those crayons and paper, which later became colored pencils and graph paper were also my tools for drawing designs. I now realize I was planning quilts.

I am not sure why but my favorite color combination was purple and yellow. I didn’t wear those colors nor did I choose them for other things, but I loved including them in my designs though I was often told they didn’t go together.

Several years ago someone choose purple and yellow fabrics for a quilt class we were both attending. Initially I wondered if she knew they didn’t go together, but as her quilt top emerged, I noticed they worked very well together!

So to celebrate my childhood quilt beginnings I plan to make a purple and yellow quilt.

This is what I currently have in my stash of fat quarters and I plan to add more as I go along.

I doubt all of them will be used and I don’t have a design planned yet. I wish I still had the designs I did as a child.

When and how did your quilting journey start?

Enjoy the journey,     Jackie