Just for Fun

Susan over at The History Quilter posted a blog about wishing her thoughts could be transformed into the written word. I can so relate. I think most of my blog posts, journal entries, work reports are all written in my head. Then it comes time to put those words on paper and they elude me. Why is that? I have even rewritten them until they are fine-tuned and concise, again all in my head. Then I forget what I planned to write.

I have many quilt designs in my head much the same way.

Somehow they get lost between thought and paper. Much like the thread pictured above and below.

I didn’t take these, a very good friend did. I save things like this for several reasons, she enjoys shooting pictures like this, I love seeing what she does and I enjoy watching her pleasure in getting to do so.

Are you enjoying life to the fullest with too many plans to ever accomplish in this life?

Enjoy the journey,     Jackie