Backpack Update

Amazing what a day away will do.

Remember this?
While this prototype is not perfect. It meets the criteria that my son suggested.  Fasteners in the front – I used hair ties for the button loops. I thought that would be easier for a 3-4 year old to handle. A pocket – which I added a velcro closure.

Sturdier fabric – I interfaced the base of the backpack with heavyweight fusible and lined the bag.


Here is a picture of the back with the adjustable straps, another recommendation by my son. I couldn’t find any small D-rings so I used these round rings. They work perfectly and I think they look nicer than the D-rings would.

I will have to make some adjustments. My opening is too far up under the top flap, so it will be difficult to get anything in and out.



This one will go to a friend with a little girl just starting preschool. She doesn’t know it is coming but I thought it would be nice to send her something, when I send a gift for her brother who is due in a few weeks. Besides, Meg and her mommy can be my testers.

In the meantime the changes I plan to make for the next one are:

  • Use seam-a-seam 2 instead of the heavyweight interfacing
  • Make the opening different to make it easier to get things in and out
  • Serge the inside seams
  • Shorten the straps
  • Possibly make the front pocket bigger

Right now the next one will be for my granddaughter who will turn 2 in December. What a quilter won’t do for a grandchild. 🙂