Hexagon Battle


Has become this….

Seam Ripper Friend

I am waging battle against the hexagons. So far the hexagons are winning, but I have the mighty seam ripper on my side. I may have lost the first few battles, but l will not admit defeat.

Admittedly I thought more than once, especially after my third attempt at inserting a row, about trading in my sewing machine for thimble, needle and thread. I reread the blogs with tutorials, tried again, removed stitches, and tried another method. I even thought about making mug rugs with single hexagons appliqued on, skipping sewing them together at all.

I do really well making a row….



or two…

Tomorrow is another day, another battle.

In the meantime, I will find a project with little stress to fill in the gaps.

Enjoy the journey,

  • Hi Jackie! Welcome to the world of blogging 🙂 I just recently started mine as well and with work I’m too busy to post as much as I would like, but I LOVE reading everyone else’s. It’s a nice way to decompress at the end of the day. I’m in the Midwest too and have a special needs brother so we probably have a lot in common! Welcome and I look forward to following you blog!

    • Thank you, I just recently started reading yours. I am still figuring out how to get things on the side bar of my blog. Like you, work consumes most of my time. I noticed the pictures on the top of your blog changes, how did you do that?