Selvage Edge Grocery Bag Tutorial

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If you are like me, you can’t bear to throw fabric out. That includes the selvage edges that you cut off your yardage before cutting out your pieces.

This bag finishes 15 x 12 with a 4 inch box bottom.

Materials needed: 
Muslin – 4 pieces cut 15 x 18 each.
(2 for the outside base and 2 for the lining)
Selvage edges the length of muslin piece width, in this case at least 15 inches.
I used 24 for my bag, it will vary based on the width of your strips.
Webbing- cut 2  22″ lengths for the strap.

Click for printable directions: Selvage Edge Tutorial.

Starting with one piece of muslin do the following:
Starting at the bottom of the muslin piece lay your first selvage strip right side up with the finished edge of your selvage along the bottom. Sew along each long edge.
Add your next selvage edge with the edge covering the top of your cut edge on the first piece. Sew along the selvage edge of the piece you just added covering up the raw edges of the cut edge of the bottom strip.

The goal here is to cover your raw edge when you sew the piece down.

Continue adding strips up to the top of your muslin piece.

Do the same for the second piece of muslin.

Trim up along your side edges on each piece.

For a box bottom, you will cut a square out of each bottom corner ½ the finished size of the depth of your bag. In this case it will be a 4 inch bottom so you will need to cut a  two-inch square out of each corner.

Do this on your muslin lining pieces as well.

Sew the outside pieces along the sides and across the bottom, with right sides together.

 Do the same with your lining pieces leaving a 3 inch opening in the center of the bottom seam.

Pinch the side and bottom seam at your corners together so they meet at the seams.

Match your edges and sew. Do this for each corner on the bag and lining.

Seam forms your box bottom.

Attaching the handle:

Measure in 3 inches from each side seam on the front and back of the bag.
Place your straps just over the top edge of the bag with balance of the strap handle on top of your fabric.
Baste across the top edge. Do the same on the other side of the bag.

 Completing the Lining:

Place your bag inside your lining, right sides together.

Sew along the top edge of your bag.
Turn right side out through the opening in your lining bottom.Fold your opening closed and stitched.

Top stitch along the top edge of your bag.


Stayed tuned for what NOT to do. 🙂
Enjoy the journey, Jackie