eReader Cover

Test sample made for my husband, thus the lack of embellishments.

It does serve as a good jumping off place for more creative sewing/quilting.

The “frame” of this cover is cardboard that gives the feel of a book when you open it up. It also acts as a protective cover.

The directions below will allow you to size for your particular device.


Here is an inside view.

The left side pocket gives access to your frame so you can change covers if you wish.

Your reader is held in place by elastic sewn into the side seams.


Let’s get started! 

Place your reader upside down on a plain piece of paper and trace around it.

My measurements were 5 (width) by 6 1/2 (height).

Take a measurement of the depth of your reader, mine was 1/2 inch. 

 Make sure you write out your measurements. 

Cutting your cardboard:

Take your width x 2 plus depth for the length and the number you have for your height

My measurements were 10 1/2 (5+5+ 1/2) by 6 1/2

Score your center spine by measuring in from each edge by your width measurement, in this case 5 inches. Mark a line and score down the line. Do that on each side. 

Test it out for size:

Fabric measurements:

Add an inch to the cut size of your cardboard. In my case that is 7 1/2 by 11 1/2.

Using those measurements cut the following pieces:

  • Cover fabric
  • Light weight interfacing ( I used Pellon featherweight)
  • Lining fabric
  • For the side pocket cut the height (in my case 7 1/2) by 3

Iron the interfacing to the wrong side of your fabric following the recommendations on the package.

Iron your side pocket piece by the long side, wrong sides together.

Print instructions can be found here Fabric eReader Cover Measurements.

Sewing instructions to come.