Crazy Quilt Book Cover Pre-Assembly

Here are two samples of the book cover that these instructions will cover. The instructions include how to take measurements for any size book  or notebook.

This is a no binding method where you will also learn how to do a crazy quilt pattern, though you can decorate your cover as you wish. 


 Supplies needed:

  • Base fabric (muslin) this will be covered in the sewing process
  • Fabric for side pockets, lining from coordination fabrics
  • Interfacing
  • Coordinating fabrics, trims, laces, ribbons and snaps, elastic or buttons for closures
  • Fabric glue, scissors, pins, and thread to match your coordinating fabrics
  • Open toe and ¼ inch presser foot or walking foot
  • Iron, cutting mat and rotary cutter
  • Book or notepad that you plan to cover

NOTE: Total fabric amounts are not given as it depends on the size of the item you plan to cover. Make sure your coordinating pieces are large enough to cover decent size areas.  “Side pocket” refers to the pocket that is formed to hold your book binding.

To determine the measurements you need to measure the width of your book from the back, around the spine and to the front, with the spine of the book closed.

My starting point with the tape measure is on the back edge of the book.

Do not pull the tape tightly, you will want some give in your finished product.

Keeping the tape in place along the back edge of the book, bring it around to the front.

To this measurement add one inch. This will be the width of your fabric. Here you can see my measurement is 11 inches. Add one inch to that measurement. This is your width of fabric.

Next you want to measure the height of your book and again add one inch.

In this case my height is 7 inches and with my seam allowances and ease added my cutting size will be 8 inches.

Write down your measurements. In my case I would cut my fabric 8 x 12.

Using these measurements, cut out your lining fabric, pocket fabric, base fabric, and iron on interfacing,

Fabric choices from left to right:

Lining, pocket fabric, lining, base (muslin, interfacing.

I use muslin as my base fabric as it will be covered up with your crazy quilt design.

For interfacing I used Pellon featherweight.

From your pockets fabric cut your piece in 1/2 parallel to your height edge.

Iron each piece in half, wrong sides together parallel to your height edge.




For optional ties and/or place holder you will need ribbon cut as listed below:

  • Ties – 2 10-12 inch pieces
  • Placeholder cut 2-3 inches longer than the height of your book. It my case it would be 9-10 inches.

Print instructions found here: Crazy Quilt Book Cover Measurements

Other views:


Next Steps soon to follow.