Veteran Sew-In November 2014

Sickness, fall trips and last-minute interruptions gave me time to focus my energies on these two hooligans (as they are affectionately called by Grandpa) with their veteran quilts.

Grace and NoahFirst things first….Eating before sew-in

They made really good progress, but popcorn and a movie with Grandpa also had an appeal.Grace and Noah with progress

Fighting for first spot:Fighting for first spot

They are not shy around the camera, can you tell? :) Noah's Quilt UpdateGrace Quilt Update

Teaching how to give back on the Journey, Jackie

Week In Review September 14, 2014

I’m on the home stretch. 1-DSCN8300 “A” won, for more on this, see the other options here. 2-DSCN8296 This top was donated to me for the “We Honor Veterans” project so this was on and off the long arm in one afternoon. 3-DSCN8270I finished binding this. More pictures later.
4-DSCN8238It’s good to have a finish. Even if it is small.

Resting on the Journey, Jackie

Traveling Sewing Studio

I will be sewing in this for the next couple of days.1-DSCN8096

I’ve shown pictures of my set-up in previous posts, and I must say it is very suitable. Depending on the weather and my allergies I may set my machine up on the table outside to work as well.

Here are the projects I hope to work on:

Veteran quilt:1-DSCN8103Strip quilt, I had started this at work but brought it home, I get too many interruptions on my lunch that It became a stress and not a stress reliever.


Mini charm swap quilt, I finally have a design in mind. 1-DSCN8097

And some hand work of course.


The weekend will bring two young grandchildren (Grace and Noah) to the mix so the machine will be put away but in the meantime……

Sewing is on the agenda and rain in the forecast.

On the journey, Jackie

Week in Review August 10, 2014

Slow week. I think my students made more progress than I did.

I can say I happily finished piecing this veteran lap quilt at my sew in on Friday night. 1-DSCN7796I also cut more sets for more stars…

1-DSCN7837Did some more quilting on this…2-DSCN7841I’m hoping my choice of top color (matched on the back) turns out to be a good decision for the back. Rolled up it doesn’t look too bad.

I brought this home from work since I hate working on it, and I rarely get away from my desk at lunch. I’m hoping working on it while watching TV (which is also rare) will finally result in a finish. 4-DSCN7844

I’m taking this into work, hoping it will give me incentive to take a break…DSCN4152What are you working on this week?

Looking forward to a new day on the Journey, Jackie


Veteran Sew-in August 2014

Last night’s sew-in, Linda and Ann knew exactly what to do….4-DSCN7784so I was able to work on my quilt and get the top pieced!!!1-DSCN7796Ann is on the home stretch with her binding….3-DSCN7789And Linda did some previewing of her strip blocks….2-DSCN7790There may have only been 3 of us, but we made great progress!

Thanks Ladies for the company, goodies, conversation and friendship.

Sharing my passion on the Journey, Jackie


Week in Review May 4, 2014

Quilted swirls on this veteran lap quilt made by Ann. 2-DSCN6857Sewed these at work on my Bernina win.1-DSCN6869

Practiced using my seam ripper to eliminate an over-zealous attempt at practicing with circles.

1-DSCN6844Much better results.


Waiting for the right time to take pictures of Scrapitude finish.1-DSCN6172

A little progress on selvage edge squares.

13-DSCN6622In the hand sewing area I started the white border on my doll quilt and some fussy cut 1/2 inch hexagons.

1-DSCN6879 2-DSCN6880

What results did you have this week?

Plodding along, on the Journey, Jackie

We Honor Veteran’s April’s Quilts

This month Ann, Marji and Rosie worked on their quilts with an additional little helper, Noah. Noah and his sister Grace were spending the night. Grace helped make the cookies for our event and Noah wanted to make a quilt.

I set him up with 8 1/2 inch squares, and he sewed 5 pairs together. The rest we will work on another time.



Ann finished piecing a strip quilt. It will be added to my stack of quilts for the long arm.:)

7-DSCN64764-DSCN6486Rosie’s quilt is slowly coming together. I expect that next time she’ll finish the top.1-DSCN6483 5-DSCN6482

Marji added a border to her strip quilt so next time she will be ready to quilt it. 6-DSCN64811-DSCN6491Check out the We Honor Veteran’s organization over here or my page with details on our local efforts.

Grateful on the Journey, Jackie