We Honor Veteran’s April’s Quilts

This month Ann, Marji and Rosie worked on their quilts with an additional little helper, Noah. Noah and his sister Grace were spending the night. Grace helped make the cookies for our event and Noah wanted to make a quilt.

I set him up with 8 1/2 inch squares, and he sewed 5 pairs together. The rest we will work on another time.



Ann finished piecing a strip quilt. It will be added to my stack of quilts for the long arm.:)

7-DSCN64764-DSCN6486Rosie’s quilt is slowly coming together. I expect that next time she’ll finish the top.1-DSCN6483 5-DSCN6482

Marji added a border to her strip quilt so next time she will be ready to quilt it. 6-DSCN64811-DSCN6491Check out the We Honor Veteran’s organization over here or my page with details on our local efforts.

Grateful on the Journey, Jackie

July Veteran Quilt Sew In

There were 4 of us and while few in number we made a dent on the veteran quilts.

Ann started a new one:

July 2013 Sew In And really sent to town:July 2013 Sew InKathy was trimming, cutting and preparing binding:

July 2013 Sew In

 Working with Mary on applying her binding:

July 2013 Sew In

July 2013 Sew InI even had a chance to sew:

July 2013 Sew In

Taking a look at Ann’s progress:July 2013 Sew In

Our goal is to have another 12 lap quilts by this Veteran’s day.

Ladies, we need a name for ourselves. Any ideas?

Enjoy the Journey, Jackie



Two Starts and Two Finishes

I am one to have several projects going at once at various stages. That allows me to choose based on time availability, particular interest at the time, or succumb to my attention span issues.

I actually get panicky if I am finishing up a project or two and don’t have others beyond the mental planning stages.

I was starting to get to that panic phase as I finished up another leader/ender Veteran quilt:

P1190856 (655x800)

and Grace’s Birthday quilt (more on this one later):

Grace Quilts

While it may not sound like it is a positive thing to panic over a hobby, I am finding that it helps me get past the planning stage. I tend to get stuck there. Afraid to plunge in. I guess that means I am more afraid of not having a project to work on, than I am of making that commitment and cutting into fabric for the first time.

So I started cutting on my Black, White and Red Quilt:

Black Red & White Quilt

and my Hope quilt:

Hope Quilt

Long weekend ahead, so hopefully that means extra sewing time…….

Enjoy the Journey, Jackie

Veteran Quilt Sew-in May

Once a month several women show up to sew lap quilts for the veterans in a local hospice facility. I started this a year ago when a chaplain in the facility asked me if I would make a quilt to donate. I thought sure, but after giving it some thought, I decided to open up my studio to others who may also be willing to help regardless of their sewing skill. More on the organization and our progress can be found on the “We Honor Veterans” page.

Typical of the group some fun statements emerge as we sew and since our quote queen was also present…..

“My mom would be proud to see me use an iron, but don’t tell her I …..”

“It’s a good thing fabric is so “fixable.”

“How did I manage to do that?”

Whoa…. slow down (talking to the sewing machine):

Veteran Quilts May

Okay now, stay, stay, please stay flat (pressed seam):

Veteran Quilts May

“No hurry on my account, I’m more than happy to have a Hershey Kiss break:

Veteran Quilts May

Is this the mushy stuff you put in the middle?:

Veteran Quilts May

I think with practice, piecing could be my favorite part:

Veteran Quilts May

And more pictures:

Veteran Quilts May

Veteran Quilts May

Veteran Quilts May

And because every classroom has one:

Veteran Quilts May Veteran Quilts May

Enjoy the Journey, Jackie

Mid May Wip’s

I am quite pleased with the amount of quilting I managed to get done on Saturday evening and a few minutes stolen since then. My May projects can be seen here.

I have managed to work on everything I had listed, but my main focus became the Dresden plate (dilemma here).

I decided I was ready to be done. I didn’t want to make any more blades to make either of the quilt options larger and went for one large quilt. I used a print for the sashing and solid for the cornerstone. I think the sashing width should have been larger, but I am done.

DSCN4013 (600x800)

While piecing the Dresden plate quilt I used the sashing pieces to this quilt as leaders and enders so this one is now ready to baste, quilt and bind:

DSCN4010 (800x600)

The other major project I worked on was the quilt for my Granddaughter Grace. I found the backing while on vacation and now was as good a time as any to work on it. I just have the binding left to do:

DSCN4026 (800x592)Here is the back:

DSCN4028 (800x600)

Side note. Has anyone used this fusible adhesive spray before:

DSCN4021 (600x800)I used it to apply my Dresden plates and centers to the quilt squares. I wasn’t going for a permanent hold but I did have difficulty with the results. Have you used it in the past? Did you like it? Why or why not?

It was amazing how much I was able to get done in a short period of time. I am goal driven  for much of my life so I try to not be so much so in my quilting life. It’s a good feeling to have accomplished something but I am sure I will go back to my playing self.

Enjoy the Journey, Jackie

Hosting a Sew-In Part One

No sewing this month.

Instead of quilting tonight many of the sewists are busy with:

Waiting for a new grand baby
Attending a teen event
Helping with a teen event
Out with an injury
Two out with an illness

I thought I would post what I did to get these women quilting even though they hadn’t quilted before or in some cases even sewn.

To make it easy on me and all of them, I started with cutting an assortment of fabrics into 2 1/2 inch strips the width of the fabric.

P1110807 (600x800)

Squares 8 1/2 inches:
P1140982 (1280x607) (800x379)
Ignore the fact that some of the seams are sewn incorrectly, it happens to the best of us.

Five inch squares:

P1110749 (800x710)

Some “cheater” fabric:

P1130854 (800x600)

Mary 3And most importantly, chocolate:

Chocolate (652x800)

My plan was to have pattern options based on how difficult or how much sewing the women felt they could handle.

The previous posts of our progress can be found on the We Honor Veteran’s page.

Enjoy the Journey, Jackie

April Projects-To Do

This is my attempt to list my “to do’s” and “want to’s” to see what I accomplish each month.

While I have been busy on these projects with a long weekend and a couple of days off, I still have a way to go on most of these:

Quilt for Grace, my 3-year-old granddaughter, still in the piecing stage:

Grace Quilt

Finish the Craftsy Mystery quilt, working on the quilting:

Kimberly Einmo Mystery Quilt

Finish the binding on Sandy Hurricane quilt (it will need a new name, as it is too late to give to that need):

DSCN3809 (800x600)_wm

Waiting on thread to quilt this:

Childhood Colors

Working now and again in my “second” studio on this:

Table Runner

When hand piecing strikes my fancy:

P1160970 (800x473)_wm

My current leader and ender project:

Postage Stamp Veteran Quilt

I am on the last row of squares and this is what I have left:

Postage Stamp Veteran Quilt

I plan to start another leader and ender project with these leftovers:

Teddy Bear Fabrics

I can’t forget the Lucky Stars block of the month (though don’t tell, I may not do it this month):

Lucky Stars BOM April

Or, the Quilt It Challenge:

Sarah's Choice

Next Post – some of my “want to’s.”

Do you have a never-ending list of projects?

Enjoy the Journey, Jackie

Under My Needle(s)

Weather has shut down my office the past two days, and while I am working some from home, I also have more time to sew.

So I have been puttering in my studio.
Low key
Much needed

I have taken this opportunity to work on Kimberly Einmo’s Crafty’s Mystery Quilt. While I don’t care for mystery quilts, I am finding this one relaxing. It has been nice to work on a quilt where someone else has done all the thinking. Since it is a mystery quilt, I can’t post pictures that would give it away, so here are two pictures of different sections I am piecing.

Under my piecing needle:

DSCN3691 (1280x960)_wm

DSCN3694 (1280x1240)_wm

Also under my piecing needle is my leader/ender Veteran’s quilt. This one will be exactly like the first one I made and their will be enough squares I think for a third. When I do a leader/ender quilt, the entire thing is quilted as a leader of ender, including the longer seams. I figure it doesn’t matter how big the piece is. 

DSCN3696 (1280x1113)_wmhave several quilts that need quilting. This one I have set aside to ponder how I want to quilt the outside border.

DSCN3622 (1280x960)_wm

While I contemplate quilting options, I have been working on my “Quilt It Challenge” for February. I really like practicing new designs on a small project, no stress practice.

Under my quilting needle:DSCN3687 (1280x1262)_wm

Finally I have a hand project (well more than one) that I am concentrating on.

Hexagons. I started a neutral quilt with the 3/4 inch hexagons and realized I might want to start with a small quilt – doll size.

In my hand piecing needle:

DSCN3699 (1280x960)_wmSo what is under your needle?

Enjoy the Journey, Jackie

Veteran Leader and Ender Quilts

P1150133 (1024x768)_wmIf you have been following my blog, you are aware that I have anywhere from 6-12 women come to my house once a month to work on Veteran quilts. Details about our adventures can be found on this the “We Honor Veterans” page.

For the most part, I have been too busy helping the women with their quilts to do one of my own. I have however have used the leftovers and pieced them into a postage stamp quilt (adapted with sashing- reasons over here). The top was entirely pieced as a “leader” or an “ender” so it has taken a while to get done. This week, I finally quilted and bound it so it is complete!

P1150132 (809x1024)_wm

It is a lap sized quilt finishing at 36×45.

I used a serpentine stitch set at the widest width and length on my sewing machine. I choose the red only because the backing fabric is red. I wasn’t sure if I would like the red thread so bold on the white, but it turned out to be perfect.P1150135 (1024x768)_wm

I have enough squares to make another one and unless inspiration hits me differently the next one I make will be the same. Again I expect it to take a while as I will be piecing it strictly as a leader or an ender. Though I already have a great start…..

P1150153 (1024x768)_wm

Now to get started on a new quilt so I can continue to piece.

Are you using leaders and enders to make bonus quilts?

Enjoy the Journey, Jackie

January’s Veteran Quilt Sew-In

collage_2013-01-19_11-27-15.pThis post is brought to you by the women I have the privilege to laugh and have fun with each month. Last night’s sew-in was no exception. Though we had a small group we had fun. Kathy, our photographer  was sitting in the top right picture top corner sewing when she wasn’t taking pictures.

Here are pictures and quotes from the evening:

I think this is what they call “operator error,” I think I need a drink (of water that is):

P1140998_wm (1280x960)

Whoops I see a problem here, I guess I just love using the seam ripper so much I had to go back to it. Note: seams going the wrong way.

P1140982_wm (1280x607)Marji is anxious to branch into new patterns, using leftover strings: 

P1150014_wm (1280x796)

Mary was seen doing this:

P1140994_wm (1244x1280)

To keep from doing this:

P1140995_wm (1280x960)

  • I bought a new machine on Ebay though she doesn’t have a name yet. Chewbacca is my old machine because when you sew it makes noises like Chewbacca.
  • It will be a long long time before I will make friends with this machine.

While there was a lot of seam ripping going on, there was quite a bit of progress.

Until next month’s sew-in – Enjoy the journey, Jackie