June in Review

On the Brain:

June One the Brain

Waiting for the Rotary Cutter:

June Wating for the Rotary Cutter

On the Design Wall:

June on the Design Wall

Under a Needle:

June Under a Needle

In Line for the Long Arm:

June In Line for the Long Arm


June Finishes

I think one of these days my list of finishes will be larger than the ones on the brain, but that may really be a sad day. What do you think?

Getting things done, on the journey, Jackie

2015 Year in Review

Finished Quilts:

2015 Finished Quilts

Donated Quilts:

2015 Donated Quilts

Other Projects:

2015 Other Projects

Customer Quilts and Projects:2015 Customer Quilts and Projects

It helps to get perspective on what a year really looked like vs. what I feel I did or didn’t do.

How did you end this year?

Looking back today, tomorrow I’ll look ahead, on the journey, Jackie


September in Review

New this month

  • Did some cutting for future donation quilts
  • 2 blocks for a secret projects

 September Donation cuts

Plan ( this isn’t everything sad huh? or maybe not 🙂 ) Only some projects are pictured.

  • “Four Dancers” quilt for Grace
  • Stonehenge charms
  • Flying in the Storm – may become a mini or not at all – Move to future
  • Selvage edge sewing machine apron
  • Tom’s Quilt
  • Binding tool kit quilt
  • Toddler shape quilt
  • Diamond Quilt
  • Baby Flannel Quilt
  • Bryce Creighton Quilt
  • Long arm quilt samples

 To Plan July


  • What I did purchase
  • Holding off for October vacation trip to an Amish quilt shop and Missouri Star Next Week!!!

Fabric Buys


  • HST Mini leftovers (flying geese leftovers)
  • Batik Jacket (another “what was I thinking?” purchases)
  • Hashtag Exchange
  • Winter Wonderland

 To be cut

Design Wall – New category

  • Kynzi’s quilt
  • Star Puzzle Quilt

On the Design Wall


  • Mini postage stamp quilt
  • Rag rug with selvages (crocheted) – I have a quite a bit more to go


To Rip out or Unsew

  • Nothing !!!

Prepare Backing/Batting

  • HST larger leftovers (flying geese leftovers)
  • Man’s nursing home quilt
  • Fabric that looks pieced I found in fabric given to me
  • 2nd Pineapple quilt
  • 2nd Man’s Nursing home quilt
  • Coin Strip 30’s Quilt

Quilts that need backing


  • Tie a Grandmother’s Garden quilt for a customer
  • Scrap in a Box – Girl
  • Flying Geese
  • Stonehenge SueNami
  • Stack and Whack Quilt
  • Hexagon Doll Quilt – hand quilt

To be quilted


  • Super Bowl Mystery Quilt
  • Mini Quilts



  • Winter Wonderland

2015-09-08 17.02.09


  • Hanging sleeves for a customer no picture
  • Label for a gift quilt

Paul and Jessica Label

So that is where my September stands. What about you?

Taking project inventory, on the journey, Jackie

KCRQF Quilts

I didn’t take pictures of all the quilts. I know Darla did over at Scientific Quilter. so check back on her posts as I’m pretty sure she is breaking them up into separate posts.

I was using my phone to take pictures so I mainly focused on the quilting designs as I am always in need of quilting inspiration.  So I am inviting you to join me in admiring the quilting skills and designs.

9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 12 11 10

Getting inspired on the journey, Jackie

Can I Say, “Tired?” KCRQF

This past weekend was the Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival. For some pictures of the show go to their Facebook Page. Kathy wrote an article for Chicago Now about it.  It was the best show we’ve had in this area in years. Lots of quilts and vendors and some decent classes. To add to the excitement there was a Twilter (quilting tweeps) meet-up. Sandy from Quilting for the Rest of Us got it started, and sadly was unable to make it.

Note: pictures were taken with my phone, not always the greatest. 🙂

First the people:

The event started with a class on Thursday evening. Learning how to piece a quilt on your long arm by Tia Curtis. It was there I met Kathy for the first time. We comfortably chatted as if we had been friends for years and hadn’t seen each other in a while.

Interestingly enough she went with strips and a more traditional layout (more my style), while I did more of an improv (more her style).

Quilt show off

Here are some of the other class results. You may notice we didn’t get much done comparatively. We were having too much fun chatting and laughing.

Tia Curtis QAYG

The next day I met up with Darla (Scientific Quilter), Valerie (Evening in the Garden) and Joyce.

Twilter Meet up 1

We all had dinner together with some of the husbands.

Back row (l-r) Darla, Kathy and Tami, Front row, me and Valerie.

Twilter Meet up 2

Now the quilts:

Darla had 3 quilts in the show, two as part of her guild and one to be judged.

Here is her #Twilter Round Robin quilt. Tami from Denver did one of the rows and I quilted it. I wish Tami was pointing out her row. It’s the row that has the 3 dimensional pinwheel look to the left and top of where she is standing.

Twitler meet up 3

Darla’s second quilt was her dancing ribbons:

Darla Show quilt 2

I wasn’t able to get a picture of her judged quilt (too many standing around when I tried), but here is one I took when she brought it to show:

Darla's Show quilt 4

Carole, also a #Twilter wasn’t able to come, but she also had a quilt in the show, I had to go back twice to get a picture.

Carole show quilt

It was a lot of busy time. I also met up with some local friends and did some shopping but more on that later.

Meeting new friends on the journey, Jackie